Friends of Wholeness Through Christ

About this page

The content on this page is for the Friends of Wholeness Through Christ. If you would like to know more about becoming a Friend of Wholeness Through Christ, please contact the office.

Pray for Wholeness Through Christ

Angels Trumpeting The EndPrayer Partners: please pray for Wholeness Through Christ.

Prayer is the backbone of this ministry. It is the thing that holds everything else together.

Continually keep watch over Wholeness Through Christ, nationally, internationally, and in the branches, as the Holy Spirit leads, always asking Jesus: “How should I pray?”.

Jesus has given us the weapons of thanksgiving and praise! Let us use these as we pray.

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who labour, labour in vain.

Pray for the Branches

Thank God for our Branches,  pray for their work, for growth and fruit:

Introduction to Wholeness ♥ Encouragement ♥ Prayer ♥ Going out into the Market Place ♥ Financial Support of the Ministry

East Lothian  ♥ Ireland  ♥ Coast to Coast  ♥ Central Scotland  ♥ South East  ♥ Woking

Finland  ♥ South Africa  ♥ Switzerland ♥ Windsor, Canada

Pray for the Cross


Please pray for the on-going work of the Wholeness Through Christ shop: The Cross

Pray for the volunteers and for those conversations with Jesus that take place in the quiet room.

Pray for the events that provide an opportunity for people to encounter Jesus:

  • Wednesday craft group
  • Sunday walking group
  • Open evening Chinese meals
  • ‘Still Saturday’ events

Monday evening prayer at the shop, 6-7pm. Please join us in prayer, wherever you are.

Pray for the Leader and Trust

Leader: Maureen Buchanan

Trust: Ivy Blair  ♥ Maureen Buchanan ♥ James Carson ♥ Carol Savage

Administrator: Malcolm Field