So blessed

I have been so blessed by going on Wholeness through Christ retreats. I have been released and healed from past hurts and things that were getting in the way of my walk with Jesus. I have been able to hear the Holy Spirit from myself and for others – it has been amazing.

Confident in my authority in Jesus again

Now I am confident in my authority in JESUS again. I feel my sense of fun and creativity returning. I have more clarity of mind instead of the debilitating indecision. I am sure that God, who began this good work in me will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of Jesus Christ.

Tackling Issues in my Life

“I came into this weekend not sure what to expect but I walked away feeling refreshed and like I have began to start tackling issues in my life that have been holding me back in Christ.

God has begun something good

What an amazing weekend. A time to get away, switch off all the ‘noise’ and allow God to speak. I feel like God has begun something good in me and I am so excited.

Encounter with the Holy Spirit

Being someone who had heard lots of positives about a Time with Jesus weekend, I must admit that I was expectant. My experience was also very positive, but beyond the experience was the encounter with the Holy Spirit- this was definitely evident in my time with Jesus. The time I spent with others praying for my fellow seekers was awesome, God spoke. Taking the focus off myself in those moments, helped me hear God. That was a real joy.”