Prayer Ministry Courses

Who are our courses aimed at?

Our courses are aimed at those who wish to have a closer walk with Jesus and want to learn about helping others do so too.

Here’s what people attending our courses have said about them:

“These courses are aimed at encouraging Christians who want a closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. To rid themselves of things that hinder them and help to move them from brokeness into the wholeness that the Lord has for them. To enable them to then take this freedom, His love and His mercy wherever He leads them.”

“I received such a blessing that I would like someone else to have the opportunity to have it too. I recognise that attending a WTC course was but a beginning in my new life with The Lord Jesus” Jesus Christ transformed this persons life, and He can do the same for you.

The courses we offer

Our courses enable people to move from brokenness into the wholeness that Jesus has for them, and also equip them to use this freedom to help others. The emphasis in our initial courses (PMC 1&2) is to support and encourage you to move into this enabling, with some time given to equipping. In our later courses (PMC 3, 4) there is more of a focus on teaching and equipping you, with opportunity for further progress into personal wholeness. We do not specify a schedule of courses. We encourage you to progress through the courses as Jesus leads you. He knows your needs, and the pace that is right for you.

Prayer Ministry Course 1&2
Prayer Ministry Course 3
Prayer Ministry Course 4