One person’s story

I attended a Time with Jesus Weekend at Ely. The weekend was residential, from Friday to Sunday, and aims to help you receive God’s healing and wholeness for your brokenness.

On Friday afternoon we learned about the different areas of life where we may need healing. In the evening we had fellowship with a lovely Agape meal.

On Saturday we were divided up into groups so that we would spend one session on each of three activities. In my first session I was supporting someone who was having their personal Time with Jesus. The group leader asked the person what they wanted to bring to Jesus, and they talked about what was on their mind and then, with the leader’s guidance, brought the person’s thoughts, fears, confessions and hurts to Jesus. Part way through the session, the leader went to the prayer vigil room, and collected words of knowledge for the person. These were amazingly accurate and relevant, and spoke into the situation being dealt with. I felt very privileged to be allowed to support the person by taking notes of the session, and by being asked what I felt God wanted the person to know in their session.

My second session was in the prayer vigil room. There were just three of us in there, on our first WTC weekend, and we were advised how to prepare and then listen for God’s word for each of the people in their personal Time with Jesus. We noted all the thoughts we had, which we believed were from God for the individuals concerned, having been encouraged that if we were mistaken, no harm would be done! Later we were told that God had really spoken to some of the people we had been praying for.

Finally, it was time for my personal Time with Jesus. It was a wonderful time of healing, release, forgiveness and surrender.

On Sunday we learned a little about how to continue our daily life with Jesus, followed by a time of blessing.

Throughout the weekend, and for weeks beforehand, prayer warriors around the world were praying for each of us on the weekend by name. Early on in the weekend we were each given an envelope containing the words that these prayer warriors had sent for us. These words of encouragement and insight continued to arrive throughout the weekend, from these prayer warriors, as well as from the prayer vigil room.

I am still reviewing these words, which I have kept, and through which God is continuing to challenge, guide and inspire me.

If you want to move forward in your walk with Jesus, and you want to deal with sins and hurts from the past which may have a hold on you today, then I thoroughly recommend this Weekend.