Personal Data Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice tells you:

  • the personal data we hold on you
  • what we do with your personal data
  • your rights under the Data Protection rules
  • additional use of your personal data if you become a Volunteer

You may obtain copies of this Privacy Notice from the office, or download it from our website:

The personal data we hold on you

When you apply to come on one of our weekends, either by phone, post, email or online, you provide us with personal data. We hold this information, together with any other information we may have asked you for, in order to manage your attendance at the Weekend and any ongoing involvement you may ask to have with Wholeness Through Christ.

What we do with your personal data

This personal data which we hold on you is kept by our national office staff: Administrator, Leader and Trustees. It is kept confidential from all others, with the exception of certain third parties, and is held securely. We will disclose your personal data to certain third parties in order to fulfil our contract with you to attend a Weekend:

  • Any of the information you have provided us with may be disclosed to the Centre hosting the Weekend, and to those of our Volunteers leading the Weekend, in order to provide for your needs;
  • Your name and the town where you live is disclosed to other attendees;
  • Your name and the Weekend you are attending is disclosed to those of our Volunteers who are supporting the Weekend in prayer;
  • Your name and Weekend fee payment is disclosed to our Treasurer and possibly our Auditor for accounting purposes

If you given us your consent, we will also use your name and address to mail you our Newsletter, which is published 2 – 4 times a year.

If you have given us your consent, we will disclose your name address and contact details to the Volunteer who leads your local branch of WTC, so they can inform you of local events and offer you support.

Your Data Protection rights

The Data Protection legislation grants you the following rights in regard to the personal data we hold on you:

  • to be informed (this Privacy Notice)
  • to have access
  • to have any of the information amended
  • to have any of the information erased
  • to restrict how we may use the information and who we may disclose it to
  • to have an electronic copy of the information
  • to remove a consent you have granted for us to use your information in a particular way

You may exercise these rights at any time by contacting our office:

Wholeness Through Christ
51 Maddiston Road

tel. 01324 714946



If you are accepted as a Volunteer (known as a Prayer Warrior or a Friend of Wholeness Through Christ), your name, address and contact details will be disclosed to other Volunteers and use to keep you informed by post, telephone and email on a regular basis of prayer needs.

If you become a Branch leader/co-ordinator we will disclose your name, address and contact details to those in your Branch locality who attend a Weekend and to Enquirers who need local help.

If you become a Trustee we will disclose your personal information to the Charity Commission to comply with their requirements.


In summary, Wholeness Through Christ will ensure your personal data is:

  • used fairly and lawfully;
  • kept accurate and up to date;
  • used for limited, stated purposes;
  • used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive;
  • kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary;
  • handled according to your Data Protection rights;
  • kept safe and secure.

24 May 2018


Your privacy is important to us, as it’s not just a matter of trust but also very annoying when it’s not taken seriously.
Any information you send us, whether by a form or this site or directly by email will be used only for the purpose intended and not given or sold to third parties.
Statistics are collected by placing a cookie on your computer for general demographic purposes (eg. 100 people from England, 20 from the USA) but this is not used to identify individual users.