United Kingdom & Eire Branches

In the UK & Eire Branches of Wholeness Through Christ you will find fellowship, encouragement, and prayer support in developing your relationship with Jesus and your obedience in serving him. The Branches provide opportunities to introduce others to this same life transforming relationship, and for you to be involved in supporting Wholeness Through Christ locally, nationally and internationally.

You can access a variety of information about Wholeness Through Christ Branches from this page, or from the Branches options on the main menu.

The Branches Map shows the approximate location of UK & Eire Branches. We believe God is saying that our Branches should form, grow and divide organically. So one area of the country might have several Branches, while another Branch might serve a wide area on its own.

You do not necessarily have to be involved with your nearest Branch. And do not be put off by apparent distance from the ‘centre’ of a Branch, as there may be some who are part of it and closer at hand. Also, many people keep in touch with others in their Branch through email and phone contact.

We believe prayer support is crucial. Branches grow on the basis of prayer. The map of branches shows the fruits of that prayer, and where further prayer is needed! See the page on our Trumpet Call to Prayer days for further details on this vital area of our work.

Each Branch has a person who acts as a point of contact for the Branch. These are listed in Branch Contacts.

The upcoming groups and events happening in each Branch are listed under Branch Events.